There are preschool teachers.

And then there are Tools preschool teachers.

Teachers, we know you’re the real difference-makers. You’re in a unique position to shape children’s long-term school and life success.

There’s preschool. And then there’s Tools preschool.

When you walk into a Tools preschool, you see a world of intentional make-believe play. Tools preschoolers are busy building the foundational skills they’ll need for school and life. And they build these skills in the most age-appropriate way.

Every Tools activity builds foundational self-regulation and social skills while targeting school readiness essentials like: 

  • Language
  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Motor development

What Tools teachers say

Don’t just take it from us—hear what Tools teachers have to say.

With Tools, I can meet my children at their level and build a strong learning foundation. Tools provides all the materials and strategies to build a successful classroom where ALL children can learn and succeed.

Rosie Connell
Preschool Teacher
Denver, CO

The cooperative learning that takes place in a Tools of the Mind classroom is a step beyond what I have experienced working with other curriculums I have implemented. The ownership the children have creating and implementing their play plans is like no other!

Samantha Allen
Preschool Teacher
Highland Park, NJ

Tools has given me the opportunity to allow my own creativity to be infused into the curriculum in a way that most curriculums do not.

Catherine Tate
Preschool Teacher
Denver, CO

It’s a wonderful way of teaching and I see way more growth with Tools than previous curriculums. Tools of the Mind is AMAZING! I’d prefer to work in a Tools classroom than any other.

Alicia Campbell
Preschool Teacher
Roanoke, VA

My favorite thing about Tools of the Mind is that students make enormous progress in writing, math, self-regulation and language. Tools students are ready to learn, they have better self-regulation skills, they're able to work well with each other and they love coming to school.

Melissa Zaragoza
Preschool Teacher
Denver, CO

As a teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience, my last ten years teaching Tools of the Mind have by far been the best! Observing the progress that preschoolers make in this program is nothing short of amazing. With Tools, all learners are successful no matter their age or ability.

Michele Rubino
Preschool Teacher
Pequannock, NJ

Today's preschool teachers have more responsibility than ever

Preschool teachers, we know how much you have on your plate. You need a comprehensive curriculum that enables you to meet every child where they are and enables them to reach full potential.

Tools empowers
teachers to...

Support each child’s development in a classroom with a wider range of skills than ever before

Cultivate a regulated, inclusive classroom culture that enables teachers to work 1:1 with each child

Be proactive in supporting self-regulation development to enable every child to better manage their emotions and behaviors

Build a foundation of school readiness to support each child’s success in kindergarten and beyond

Sustain meaningful relationships with families, creating a partnership to support each child's development

Provide equitable access to learning for all children, no matter what their unique needs may be

A day in the life of Tools PreK

Tools activities evolve as children grow throughout the year. We design every activity so all children can learn, grow and thrive. Check out these videos from our preschool classrooms and see the power of Tools in action.

Making a
measurable impact

Teachers want to ensure children will leave their classrooms with the skills they need to be successful in kindergarten. Tools makes that possible and so much more. Check out the proven impact Tools has on child outcomes and teacher satisfaction.

What will I get when I partner with Tools?

Teachers, we know what you need because teachers helped us make Tools what it is today! Our comprehensive program includes a teacher-approved blend of curriculum, professional development and materials – everything you need to bring Tools to your classroom.


Manual, plan book + kit

You’ll get a manual full of activities and a plan book designed to support and inspire you all year long. This gives you a running start then offers you the support and freedom to plan your own classroom activities and challenge levels. You’ll also get a kit full of preschool materials in English and Español to set up your classroom environment and easily launch Tools activities.


Dynamic digital portal

Every classroom gains access to a rich selection of digital resources, including a data dashboard, downloadable materials and more. You’ll be able to message with families in their native language and offer ways to support playful learning at home. Plus, you’ll get the Tools app full of ideas to implement, modify and add challenge to all Tools activities.


More than a workshop

Teachers, here’s where it all comes together. You’ll get a dedicated Tools partner who will personalize your professional development on our digital TREE platform. Together, we’ll meet your unique children where they are and propel their development.

Tools fits every teacher 
and every child

Because we’re based on neuroscience and Vygotskian theory, Tools is designed to meet every child where they are, no matter what their unique abilities.

Tools empowers preschool teachers to support:
DLL, MLL and ELL children (and families)
Children with special needs (including on the autism spectrum)
Children who enter school without verbal skills
Children who have experienced adversity and stress
Children with challenging behaviors
Children of all skill and ability levels
Tools works with all programs including:
Full day and half-day PreK and TK programs
Programs that run from 2 to 5 days/week
Substantially separate special needs classrooms
Integrated special needs classrooms
Spanish immersion and bilingual classrooms
Public schools, charter schools, Head Start programs, community-based PreK and more

Tools empowers every teacher and every child

Tools invites preschoolers to learn to play and play to learn, building the self-regulation and school readiness skills they’ll need for school and life. Through high-interest themes that teachers and children co-construct together, children are intrinsically motivated to learn, grow and thrive. This closes the achievement gap and makes learning accessible to all, no matter what.

Ready to bring the power of Tools to your school?

Tools is the comprehensive early childhood program that develops every child’s self-regulation in every activity. Research shows that self-regulation is the biggest predictor of success in school and life.

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