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Research shows that self-regulation is the biggest predictor of success in school and life. Tools integrates neuroscience and developmental theory to enable teachers to build these foundational skills, and so much more.

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Neuroscience proves early childhood is critical for self-regulation development

Children need self-regulation to focus attention, persist at challenging tasks, learn how to learn, manage emotions, take turns with peers and engage in playful learning that propels their development. Tools of the Mind builds these skills and more.

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Empowering teachers to meet the needs of every child

Scaffolding is built into the very fabric of Tools, which empowers teachers to meet the needs of every unique child, no matter what. Tools teachers easily modify challenge levels and successfully partner children at very different levels. In Tools classrooms, every child learns, grows and thrives. 

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Together, we can build every child’s self-regulation, social skills, and a lifelong love of learning. Let’s partner to build regulated, inclusive classrooms, in which every child plays and learns with every other child.


Tools has forever-lasting benefits for children. But we can’t take the credit. Because teachers, we know you’re the real difference makers. Learn how Tools makes teachers and children successful.

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I'm a kindergarten teacher


School leaders, we acknowledge the impact you have on children. We know you face complex challenges every day. Find out how Tools brings efficiency and joy to schools while delivering better outcomes.

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I'm a kindergarten administrator


Families, we honor everything you do to support your child. With Tools, they’ll develop the skills they need to be engaged citizens. Discover how Tools gives children the skills they need to be successful in all areas of school and life.

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Not looking for a comprehensive curriculum? Get a taste of Tools with our Bite of Tools Professional Development. You’ll start building regulated, inclusive classroom communities right away. Join the many schools that are re-energizing teachers and improving child outcomes with actionable classroom strategies.

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Tools loves teachers.
Teachers love Tools.

Tools gives teachers so much more than curriculum. Our teaching practices and professional development empower teachers with a deep understanding of how children develop self-regulation, social-emotional and academic skills.

Curriculum + scaffolding

By design, Tools curriculum includes scaffolding to meet every child where they are. And we don’t stop there. We meet every teacher where they are too, providing scaffolded plan books with inspiration and guidance for each week across the year.


Tools empowers teachers with a deep knowledge of child development. We translate theory into actionable teaching practices so you can build a regulated, inclusive classroom full of engaged learners.

Professional development

Tools empowers teachers to empower children. Our professional development is the sweet spot where our scaffolded curriculum and teaching practices come together into principles teachers can apply right away.

What Tools teachers and administrators say

Every year the kindergarten teachers know who came from our Tools preschool and who didn't. Our Tools students stand out because they're the ones coming to school the first day knowing how to self-regulate. Tools students are truly ready learners! Even though I loved teaching preschool before, Tools has truly made me enjoy and LOVE teaching every day. I could talk for days about how wonderful Tools is!

Lesley Lombardi
Preschool Teacher
Vernon, NJ

In the world of early childhood education, there is often a tension between rigor and developmentally appropriate practice. Since we began implementing the Tools of the Mind curriculum three years ago, we have come to not only believe but also now strongly advocate for the idea that both of these approaches can be done well, together!

Lauren Ellis
Senior Director of Programs
Tukwila, WA

With Tools, my bilingual students, students with special needs and general education students all showed significant growth. By the last quarter of the school year, 10 of my 15 students were encoding their Play Plans and writing most of the letters in their words without assistance.

Meghan Cavanagh
Preschool Teacher
Long Branch, NJ

To put it simply, Tools works. Our district participated in a university federal research project of Tools of the Mind. Our Tools Kindergarten children were, three years later, number 1 and 2 in the state’s third grade testing.

Dr. Maggie Mack
Director of Early Childhood
Orleans, MA

The impact Tools has had on students in our district has been amazing and continues to be a source of strength for our young learners. Tools provides endless learning possibilities to all children and meets the needs of those who come from homes with less experience and exposure; giving each child a chance to achieve success on a daily basis. Tools focus on executive functions and academics provides the strongest foundation for early success in school; bridging the gap for many students.

Carol Krasowski
Neptune, NJ

I love that the Tools program really meets the needs of diverse learners, while also developing a sense of a community within the classroom. Children of all developmental levels and backgrounds participate in activities together, but what the teacher does and says to scaffold each child within each activity is individualized.

Christin Connell
Kindergarten Teacher
Spring Lake Heights, NJ

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Tools is the comprehensive early childhood program that develops every child’s self-regulation in every activity. Research shows that self-regulation is the biggest predictor of success in school and life.

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