There’s preschool. And then there’s Tools preschool.

When you walk into a Tools preschool, you see a world of intentional make-believe play. Tools preschoolers are busy building the foundational skills they’ll need for school and life. And they get them in the most age-appropriate way.

Every Tools activity builds foundational self-regulation and social skills while targeting school readiness essentials like: 

  • Language
  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Motor development

What Tools families say

It was incredible watching my son's academic and social growth in his Tools preschool. His Tools teachers were so kind and nurturing. Their feedback helped us follow through at home. I cannot believe how receptive he was to Tools preschool. He progressed so much throughout the two years.

Jackie DiMattina
Preschool Family

My son really enjoyed his Tools preschool experience. His Tools teacher loves her work and her students. He'd tell me about the books he read, songs and new words he learned every day. He really did retain a ton of new information and has a huge zest for learning. He even teaches us new things he learns at school.

Amber Selle
Preschool Family

Tools provides a noticeable head start for children going into kindergarten. My child was able to recognize letter sounds in words and could write a full sentence. The writing development was amazing to see! His Tools teacher helped him develop tools to refocus attention and apply critical and creative thinking during imaginative play.

Kerry Meier
Preschool Family

My child loves everything about Tools preschool. The impact his Tools teacher had on our son cannot be put into words. Academics were never an issue, but it’s his emotional and behavioral gains that his Tools teacher should truly be commended for. I fully believe that he would not be where he is today without his Tools teacher.

Melissa Gorga
Preschool Family

The Tools approach to teaching helped my son grasp concepts in a way that he could use and remember. He liked learning math, reading and writing. He always enjoyed the themes and active play. He learned SO MUCH!

Rachel Flores
Preschool Family

In my child's Tools preschool, the learning and growth were apparent. I saw my daughter achieve many skills. She gained so much confidence in her writing. Her Tools teacher is the best preschool teacher! She is so amazing and knows so much about the Tools of the Mind.

Jen Mocera
Preschool Family

What will my child learn in Tools preschool?

All Tools activities develop self-regulation, social skills and school readiness. Your Tools preschooler will develop the foundational skills they need for all of school and life.

Tools empowers
children to...

Plan before they act, developing the self-regulation needed for school and life

Sustain attention to learn– focusing and shifting attention as needed

Play to learn in all content areas, including literacy, math and science

Build foundational academic and social skills while developing self-regulation in every activity

Experience the joy of intrinsic motivation through age-appropriate activities that children genuinely enjoy

Develop core language and literacy skills through large group and small group activities

Engage in playful learning with every peer in their classroom

Frequently asked questions

My child is nonverbal or has other identified special needs. What will their experience be like in a Tools classroom?

My child is very shy and hesitant to talk to most other children and some adults. What will their experience in a Tools classroom be?

My child can have melt downs and sometimes hit, and can be left out by other children. Will my child’s teacher be able to prevent that?

My child’s skills are way beyond what most preschool programs focus on. Will my child be bored?

I really want to be connected to my child’s teacher, and know if my child has a challenge. Will that happen?

These are the kinds of questions we hear often. Families, we understand. We want to assure you that no matter what your child’s unique needs or situation, the answer is the same. Tools teachers meet each child where they are and enable them to reach their full potential.

Some children can’t yet hold a crayon and make a mark. Some are reading when they enter PreK. Some are talking and social, while others are introverted and nonverbal. Some are learning two languages. Some have identified special needs and IEPs. Some may be just beginning to develop self-regulation and may have social conflicts or behavior challenges. All children learn, grow and thrive in Tools classrooms. 

Rest assured, when your child is in a Tools classroom, you’ll get all the support and communication you need for your unique child. We provide Tools teachers with easy ways to communicate with families, so you can message back and forth and even message in your family’s native language. Our mission is to empower teachers to empower all children. 

And our teachers don’t do this alone. It’s the partnership with you that truly enables each child to reach their full potential. Teachers and families working together truly boosts a child’s development, because no one knows your child better than you.