Tools Kindergarten visit: Ms. Fraser’s class dives into the ocean!

Curious to see what’s happening in real Tools classrooms? Meet our March Tools Kindergarten Teacher of the Month, Annemarie Fraser, and take a peek as she and her Wisconsin kindergarteners learn the secrets of the ocean.

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Tools Kindergarten visit: Ms. Fraser’s class dives into the ocean!


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If you’ve never set foot in a Tools classroom, here’s your chance to get a closer look at what’s happening behind the classroom door. Each month, a different Tools Kindergarten teacher posts on X, formerly known as Twitter, sharing photos and updates about what they’re up to each week. Meet March Tools Kindergarten Teacher of the Month, Annemarie Fraser, who posts about her Fairview Elementary School kindergarten students.

Ms. Fraser, a 4th year teacher in her second year teaching in a Tools classroom, has been blown away by how much growth she sees each day in her classroom. 

“Tools has made me fall in love with teaching kindergarten! I couldn't imagine teaching another way. Each day is so much fun and filled with new learning.”
-Tools Kindergarten Teacher Annemarie Fraser 

As her children immerse themselves in their ocean theme, they build background knowledge by reading a variety of nonfiction texts. For example, they learn about the different zones that make up the ocean water column. They also read the Magic Treehouse book, Dolphins at Daybreak. As they explore the ocean with Jack and Annie, they learn a lot about many animals who call the ocean home. 

In addition to all of the content they are learning, children are also working to build their literacy skills. When Peanut the mouse makes a few spelling and grammar mistakes in her message, it’s up to the children in Ms. Fraser’s class to find and correct them!

Ms. Fraser’s children use what they learn about ocean animals to create their own guessing game. Can you guess which animal this riddle describes? 

Ms. Fraser’s class is able to learn about the ocean in some non-traditional ways! Using virtual reality viewers, they take their own ocean journeys. They also have their questions answered by a Florida-based marine biologist-in-training, who meets with the children for a video chat, showing them pictures of some of the animals she works with and sharing fun facts with them - like that sting rays like when you pet them and they also like getting treats, just like a golden retriever! 

Children have opportunities to get creative as they create their own machines to explore the midnight zone. These engineers are clearly proud of their efforts!

A BIG thank you to Ms. Fraser and her kindergarten class. We have so enjoyed exploring the ocean depths with you!

To see the most recent posts by our Tools Kindergarten Teacher of the Month, head over to X, formerly known as Twitter.