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Every year, we grant two scholarships to cover the cost of participation in Tools training. These scholarships help provide access to our programs while honoring two influential Tools leaders.

Carolyn Boyles Scholarship

In memory of our colleague and friend, Carolyn Boyles, Tools of the Mind will continue Carolyn’s impact in the lives of teachers and children by establishing a scholarship in her name.

Carolyn was an extraordinary Tools trainer who was beloved by all she met; the Tools team, teachers and administrators. Her ability to make us laugh, and to distill difficult concepts and wrap them up in a memorable story will be a lasting influence in all of our lives. This annual scholarship will be awarded to one classroom team to cover the cost of their participation in a Tools of the Mind workshop series.

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Ruth Hensen Scholarship

To honor Ruth’s enormous contribution to Tools, Tools of the Mind has established a scholarship in her name to be awarded to a deserving teacher each year.

Back in 1995 when Tools of the Mind had just one activity, Buddy Reading, Ruth was the first PreK teacher with whom Deborah Leong and Elena Bodrova worked. In these critical years of Tools’ curriculum development, Ruth helped develop the core aspects of Tools of the Mind—how content was taught, how the Vygostkian tactics would be used, and how children would be paired or grouped. Ruth made each activity something that was implementable within a classroom so that the classroom flowed, and Tools became more than a collection of activities—it became a comprehensive program that progressed through a day.

Since retiring in 2015, Ruth has continued to be a sounding board and advisor for our content development, continuous improvement, and innovation, not to mention a valued friend.

Thank you, Ruth, for 25 years of significant contribution to Tools of the Mind; for your partnership with Deborah Leong and Elena Bodrova translating theory to practice, guiding Tools evolution to become a successful curriculum; your mentoring of our team; the development of many of our professional development and curriculum resources. We are grateful and excited to honor you each year with this new scholarship.

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