Tools Kindergarten visit: Ms. Regal’s class reveals their writing!

Take a peek into a real Tools classroom! Meet our May/June Tools Kindergarten Teacher of the Month, Debra Regal, and see how her Wisconsin kindergarteners have developed their literacy skills and become enthusiastic writers.

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Tools Kindergarten visit: Ms. Regal’s class reveals their writing!


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The process

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Teaching and learning review and outcomes

If you’ve never visited a Tools classroom, here’s your chance to see what’s happening inside. Each month, a different Tools Kindergarten teacher posts on X, formerly known as Twitter, sharing photos and updates about what they’re up to. Meet our May/June Tools Kindergarten Teacher of the Month, Debra Regal, who posts about her Gillett Elementary School kindergarten students.

Tools writing activities produce results

In all her 33 years of teaching kindergarten, Ms. Regal has seen the most growth in children’s writing during the six years she has been using the Tools kindergarten curriculum. 

In her Tools classroom, Ms. Regal writes a daily message to systematically introduce and build key literacy skills. Her students then practice writing their own messages on whiteboards during Write Along. At the start of the year, Ms. Regal’s kindergarteners struggled with skills like voice-to-line matching, but at the end of the year, they are writing all of the sounds in each word! 

“At [the end] of the school year, I just love to see how much progress my students have made with their Write Alongs.”
- Tools Kindergarten Teacher Debra Regal

Check out their great work in the pictures below!

Kindergarten classroom tools of the mind

Using their tools

Ms. Regal’s kindergarteners can write word patterns, too! Tools classrooms create a “memory bank” of words that helps children learn letter names, high-frequency words, and word patterns. Each child also has their own memory bank that includes the words they are working on mastering individually. Using these tools has made a difference when it comes to writing in Kindergarten!

“They are rocking their memory bank words and word patterns. So proud of them!”
- Tools Kindergarten Teacher Debra Regal

Every learner, every year

Ms. Regal is amazed by her Tools kindergartners. Every year, she notices their incredible growth, not only in writing but in reading and math as well.

“This is truly the best kindergarten program that I have taught in my 33 years!”
- Tools Kindergarten Teacher Debra Regal

Thank you to Ms. Regal and her kindergarteners for sharing their writing with us!

To see more from Ms. Regal’s class and other Tools Kindergarten Teachers of the Month, head over to X, formerly known as Twitter and check out the most recent posts.